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My essay for "We are never alone," written for the May 2016  issue of Give Us This Day, earned 3rd place at the 2017 Catholic Press Association Awards, for best essay in a spirituality magazine.  Give Us This Day swept the category, and I urge you to read the winning essay, the poignant "A Prayer for You and Yours" by the late Brian Doyle:

Identity Crisis

Scientists don't all look like Einstein, let's not be surprised.
"We can consider diversity, not as an additive to serve the current visible majority, but as a matter of justice and human dignity, which presupposes we are all welcome to contribute to the fields in which we are skilled, and free to work on what we are passionate about. 
Here is the inconvenient truth: actual living scientists do not (for the most part) look like Einstein. My plump grey-haired grandmotherly persona is not a disguise. Scientist is not my secret identity, for all that I sometimes work in a not-quite-so-secret lab in a volcanic crater. Scientists need to stop being surprised by other scientists who look like my colleagues and my students, past, present and future. Some wear headscarves, others don jeans, geeky T-shirts, chic sundresses or normcore. They are athletes, novelists, first-generation immigrants from Houston, brilliant young women from Mexico, and young gay men with beautiful bass voices, like my son." 
See the full article in the July 2017 issue of Nature Chemistry to read my challenge to the scientific community, a longer version of the speech I gave at the Philadelphia March for Science.

The unbearable strain of glory
"Sometimes I imagine God cradling this rough-hewn and snarling mass of darkness in his hands, turning the inchoate universe over and around, pondering what will be. Perhaps he set it on the desk for a while, leaning back in his chair with a creak to get a new perspective. And when the time came, with a breath and a prayer—Spirit and Word—God’s hands opened and let what was within spill into the emptiness. God from God, Light from Light. 
Humankind once held, all unknowing, the entirety of the universe, and more, in our hands. Inconceivable energy pushed into an impossibly small space.  e all-powerful, ever-living God contained in the body of a man, come to unravel the chaos." 
From the introductory essay to the April 2017 issue of Give Us This Day.